In lockdown with others

If you’re in lockdown with other people – whether it’s kids, whānau or flatties, it might feel hard to get a break from them (not that you need one, of course!)

Especially if you’re responsible for their wellbeing (parents and caregivers, we’re looking at you!). But time for yourself is really important – you need to be able to recharge and reset so you can care for them.
Sometimes that might mean not doing everything perfectly – it might mean giving the kids some extra screentime or making a dinner that’s not everyone’s favourite – so you can have a few minutes to yourself. That’s okay. That’s what you need to do to get through. It’s what’s going to help you store up your wellbeing, build up your wairua and your hauora, and get you through this lockdown. You’ve got this.

Here are some ways you can find some me time:

  • Cuddle your pets 
  • Tend to the garden 
  • Get some virtual babysitters – ask grandparents, whānau or friends to make time online with your kids so you have some time to yourself  
  • Give the kids some extra screentime so you have time and space to breathe 
  • Try out a yoga video on YouTube 
  • Take pics of birds or other nature you notice around you 
  • Write poetry 
  • Kick a footy outside 
  • Have a cup of coffee and take five minutes to pay attention to all your senses while you drink it 
  • Meditate/mindfulness practice (we have links) 
  • Read a book 
  • Take a bath/shower 
  • Try out a jigsaw puzzle 
  • Test out a new recipe 
  • Learn a new Māori phrase a day 
  • Learn a new TikTok dance to impress your friends and whānau 
  • Turn your phone off for a set amount of time every day 
  • Make a new playlist to listen to – or contribute to our Mental Health Awareness Week playlist on Spotify 
  • Fix something you’ve been meaning to get to for a while 
  • Hit some golf balls 
  • Spend five minutes decluttering one small area of your space