Me time

We all need some me time sometimes. I ētahi wā, ME aro koe ki a koe anō.
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Right now, life might be feeling harder than usual for you. There are lots of ways to describe how you might be feeling - anxious, overwhelmed, hōhā - even a little meh. And, that’s totally understandable. Life right now is hard – whether you’re surrounded by people, soldiering on alone or heading out to work as an essential worker.  

Here's one thing you can do that might help: find a little time, every day, to turn some meh time into me time.  

We know it’s not easy: there’s a lot of noise out there and things feel hard. We know you don’t have the space or the time to do something big right now.  

We’re in that waka alongside you – most of us are in lockdown too, and it is tough.   

But you’re important. You matter. Your mental health and wellbeing need to be cared for.  

So, we’re asking you to do something little, but something powerful: take some me time. Some time that’s just for you. Some time, every day, to do something you want to do.  

It’s totally up to you what your me time looks like – what’s most important to us is that you take it, even if it’s just five minutes a day.  

See how you feel afterward. We hope it makes a difference.  

We know you might be sick of hearing it, but we really are all in this together. But sometimes, while we’re in this together, we need a little bit of time on our own. And that’s perfectly okay.