An essential worker

Right now, you’re under a lot of pressure, but it’s really essential that you get a break and some me time.

Whether it’s at work or at home or the commute in between, we hope you can find a moment to pause and care for your wellbeing. We do know not everything below will be possible for every essential worker – some of these might feel totally out of reach for you. These are just ideas – come up with what’s possible and what will feel good for you and give it a go. Little things make a big difference.  

  • Make a cuppa and really enjoy every sip 
  • Take a mini break – just a few moments to stop and do nothing 
  • Look out the window – pick one colour and count everything of that colour you can see 
  • Listen to your favourite song 
  • Take a walk in nature 
  • Feel the sun on your face 
  • Change the lock screen on your phone to a picture of a favourite memory, place or person and bring it out when you need to 
  • Do some stretches 
  • Do some deep belly breathing 
  • Pack something to eat during your workday to look forward to, and really enjoy every bite 
  • Dance in the lift