Healthcare workers

Healthcare workers are more essential than ever, but after two years of working in “unprecedented” conditions, ongoing stress and challenges are taking a toll.
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Now more than ever it’s important for healthcare workers to find ways to look after their mental health, and for others to look out for our healthcare workers, too.

Support for healthcare workers 

COVID-19 has brought heaps of challenges, and our healthcare workers have stuck it out through thick and thin to continue to care for our community. 

From cleaners to contact tracers, social workers to schedulers, security guards to nurses, whatever your role in the health system, we want you to know your mahi matters and we appreciate every sacrifice you’re making.

It’s important to acknowledge the incredible pressure you’ve been under and the challenges you’ll continue to face as Omicron spreads throughout the community. You might be feeling all sorts of emotions, and not knowing exactly what to expect over the coming months might be making you feel out of sorts. Remember, those feelings are normal and expected. 

As a healthcare worker, you might find yourself in a position where you’re giving lots of advice out to others about how to look after themselves right now, and, we know – it's often really hard to follow that advice ourselves. Believe us – we know, we’re in the same waka.  

Try to keep in mind it’s the small things you can do more often that will make the biggest difference to your mental health right now. Even though those small things might feel too small to really help with the big things going on all around you, and the big feelings you might have inside you, they truly will make a big difference.  

How to support a healthcare worker during a pandemic

COVID-19 has affected everyone, but one group that has been particularly impacted is our healthcare workers. Working long hours, putting themselves at risk, and dealing with worried and anxious people are just some of the things they’ve had to deal with for a really long time.  

It’s important to appreciate the incredible difference our healthcare workers are making, and to do what we can as friends, whānau and patients to support their wellbeing as they put in the hours to look after ours.