COVID wellbeing tips

COVID-19 keeps throwing new challenges our way, and there are all sorts of ways of coping.

We might be feeling all sorts of emotions right now but with the support of friends, whānau, our community and those we love, we can get through this like we’ve done before.

These past few years haven’t been easy. When we left the extended lockdown of 2021, things started to feel a bit more normal for a while, but 2022 has brought new obstacles. We’re having to deal with moving between traffic light levels and adjusting to living with Omicron in the community, when many of us are still feeling tired and overwhelmed. 

Feelings can change day to day, and you may be going through all sorts of ups and downs right now. You might feel out of sorts, sort of uneasy, sort of down, sort of, well... happy! And all these emotions are normal. But our beautiful country is full of good sorts working together to care for themselves and each other. And we’ve got all sorts of ways to look after ourselves and each other through the hard times and the good times.  

This site is here to provide support, tips and advice to help you look after your mental health as we experience more positive COVID cases, home isolation and working from home.

Kei roto i te pōuri, te marama e whiti ana.