Workplace culture

Creating positive workplaces.
Mental wellbeing is one of the most valuable business assets. Workplaces that prioritise mental health have better engagement, reduced absenteeism and higher productivity, while people have improved wellbeing, greater morale and higher job satisfaction.

Organisations are only as strong as their people, and the culture of an organisation has a significant impact on the wellbeing of their employees.  A positive work culture is associated with higher morale and lower stress, can act as a protective factor for mental wellbeing and improve organisational performance and productivity. 

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is about creating a safe, supportive and strong workplace culture. It takes time and is an ongoing journey. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to creating a positive work environment. Every workplace has different needs, resources and priorities.  
Adapt the tools you already have and integrate a mental health and wellbeing focus to the programmes and work already underway (i.e. don’t reinvent the wheel).

A positive work environment and culture looks like:

  • Positive emotional climate  
  • Education and awareness  
  • Effective communication  
  • Not tolerating bullying or harassment 
  • Collaborative teamwork  
  • Diversity and inclusion.