New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme

Submission to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment on the proposed New Zealand Income Insurance Scheme, a social insurance scheme to support job loss due to redundancy or health conditions and disability.

If a social insurance scheme is implemented by government, the MHF fully supports the coverage for health conditions and disability, including mental distress or ‘illness’. However, the MHF considers more discussion is needed about whether a social insurance scheme is the best approach to address job loss. Regardless of whether or not a social insurance scheme is introduced, the MHF endorse wider reforms to support employment (including job loss) such as centralised and intensive employment support and promoting mentally healthy workplaces to promote wellbeing, prevent mental distress and respond appropriately to employees experiencing mental distress. We strongly recommend faster progress to embed evidence-based integrated employment support in health and mental health and addiction services, and to eliminate discrimination and prejudice against people with experience of mental distress in the workplace to help them gain and maintain employment given that discrimination is one of the most significant barriers to employment for people with experience of mental distress.


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