Facilitator Guide

This guide will allow you to facilitate, with confidence, a two hour workshop with your organisation.

The Mental Health Foundation’s Working Well Workshops provide organisations with the know-how to start creating a culture that enhances and protects their people’s mental health. By doing this, mental health will become a resource that leads to positive outcomes for employees, enhancing their performance and producing better results for businesses. These workshops provide practical information and tips to improve and maintain wellbeing at individual, team and organisational levels with a focus on creating psychologically healthy people and environments. The two workshops are: Workshop 1: Creating positive environments for wellbeing – the what, why and how Workshop 2: Enhancing mental wellbeing – Five Ways to Wellbeing at Work This Facilitator Guide for Workshop 1 will enable you to facilitate this two-hour session within your organisation with confidence. The objectives for this workshop are to: • Understand what is mental health and wellbeing • Understand why it’s important to think about wellbeing at work • Learn what we need to be thinking about to create a positive work environment for positive mental wellbeing • Learn practical things we can do within workplaces to create this wellbeing culture


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