Briefing to the 54th New Zealand Parliament 2023-2026

An actionable guide to improving Aotearoa New Zealand’s mental health and wellbeing

This briefing outlines the scope of mental health and wellbeing need in Aotearoa New Zealand; how it can be addressed; and tangible actions MPs can take to support positive mental wellbeing across the motu. 

A printed copy of this briefing has been sent to all MPs, regardless of whether they are in government or in opposition. All MPs have a responsibility and opportunity to help transform our mental health system into one that works — a system that helps New Zealanders and their whānau be well and stay well, by investing in a balanced way across the three components recommended by the 2018 Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction:  

  1. effective services  
  2. preventing mental health challenges  
  3. promoting lifestyles and habits that support mental wellbeing.


Click on the file version below to download.