Payroll giving

Donating to the MHF through payroll contributions is the easiest, tax-efficient way to donate.
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Regular donations made via payroll giving receive an immediate PAYE tax credit of 33% making it the easiest, tax-efficient way to donate.

With the support of payroll givers across the country, every dollar will make a big difference.

Information for employees

Payroll giving enables you to donate directly to the Mental Health Foundation from your pay.

Donations made via payroll giving receive an immediate PAYE tax credit of 33% of the donation amount. So, if you donate $15 per pay, MHF receives $15 but it will only cost you $10 per pay. 

With other forms of donating you have to collect all your receipts then wait until the end of the tax year to claim your tax rebate, but with payroll donations you don’t need to do anything because you get the tax benefit immediately!

There is no minimum donation amount for giving and you can stop whenever you like by letting your HR or finance team member know.

Contact your HR or finance manager for more information or to give them authority to deduct the donation of your choice directly from your pay and pass it onto the Mental Health Foundation.
If your employer doesn’t offer payroll giving you can still support us by setting up a regular payment via internet banking

Information for employers

Payroll giving lets your employees donate to the MHF and get a tax credit for donations when they get paid instead of waiting until the end of the tax year.  It is a great benefit to offer your employees who want to choose a charity of choice to donate to regularly.
Your responsibilities as an employer when you offer payroll giving:
  • deduct the requested donation amount from the employee's salary or wage
  • adhere to IRD requirements
  • deposit the donations to the MHF once a month*
Pay to:
Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Account 02-0100-0752592-097
Reference: Employer name
Particulars: Payroll Giving

*Advise the MHF of the employee and donation amount by emailing

Organisations can also choose to match their employees contributions.  This gives organisations the opportunity to lead by example and show your employees that you are committed to making a difference.  
All matched donations are also tax deductible.