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Take a moment for yourself, and a moment for Aotearoa by taking part in Mindfulness Month this July.
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Date: 25 June 2023
We live in a busy world where everything and everyone is expecting us to be on the go, constantly. Mindfulness Month gave me the opportunity to learn how to take a step back, chill, and be with myself.
– Caryn, Mindfulness Month 2022 participant 

A Harvard study found that we spend nearly half our waking hours thinking about something other than what we’re currently doing. But with Mindfulness Month, the Mental Health Foundation is hoping to change that narrative, to help guide our minds back to the now, and to promote a sense of ease. 

By signing up and fundraising for Mindfulness Month, participants will also be helping the Mental Health Foundation advocate for a brighter future for everyone in Aotearoa. 

People using mental health services are at twice the risk of dying before the age of 65. And the latest New Zealand Health Survey found an increase in unmet need for professional mental health support. Funds raised during the campaign will help the Mental Health Foundation advocate for laws, policies, and systems to create a better mental health system for all.

Mental Health Foundation
Mental Health Foundation

This July is the second year of Mindfulness Month. The campaign is a collaboration between the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, The Kindness Institute, and Pause Breathe Smile. The initiative is a chance for participants to not only take a moment for themselves, but also take a moment for Aotearoa by asking for donations to support their month-long mindfulness challenge.
Last year's inaugural event raised $90,000 to help the Mental Health Foundation advocate for systematic changes that uplift the wellbeing of everyone in Aotearoa. 

Phoebe Taylor is looking forward to her second experience fundraising for Mindfulness Month. 

"I understand a lot of us aren't so lucky and do need support with our mental health and I'd like to help prevent people from going through it in the first place, that's why a top of the cliff approach is so important for mental health because it takes a village to support people, everyone plays a role, and a focus on prevention is a very important aspect of that." 

To support participants' mindfulness journeys, after setting up their online fundraising page they can the access to a range of mindfulness tools, including daily meditations, emails, resources, and the Month Done journal.  

This journal was designed by Stephen McCarthy, offering mindfulness prompts for every day of the month. People can choose to answer them anyway they like; it might be writing, drawing, painting - or even dancing. 

Kristina Cavit, founder of The Kindness Institute, is the official Mindfulness Month guide, having designed the program so it is accessible and empowering for everyone.  

Mindfulness Month is for everybody - beginners are really welcome and I will walk with people  every step of the way. I will be guiding daily meditations and mindful activities like mindful walking and journaling.  

Pause Breathe Smile will also be providing mindfulness resources throughout the month to help participants experience as many benefits as possible such as better sleep, lower blood pressure, and a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

Mental Health Foundation

Joining Mindfulness Month is a unique opportunity to experience the magic of mindfulness while making a positive impact. It's your chance to prioritise your mental wellbeing and to help us advocate for an Aotearoa where everyone has access to the support they need.  

Sign up today and let's make July the most mindful month yet.