Select one or more of the themes below to guide your grants project.

Each theme builds on our tagline for this year, which is e puta ki te ao/shine the light on mental distress injustice and discrimination.

Choose from one or more of the following kaupapa/themes:

Shine a light on a te ao Māori worldview
A pūrongo/media project showcasing what mental distress discrimination looks like through a Māori lens. What does mental distress discrimination look, sound and feel like for Māori, and who discriminates against them? How can aspects of te ao Māori, such as connections with whānau and iwi, or tikanga and mātauranga Māori, help to challenge these negative judgements? This project must prioritise the voices of Māori with mental distress.

Shine a light on injustice
A pūrongo/media project illuminating how people with mental distress are discriminated against or unfairly treated in Aotearoa. What injustices can tāngata mātau ā-wheako/people with mental distress face when renting a whare/house, finding employment, seeking custody of their children or taking out insurance, for example? What societal attitudes and practices need to change to make Aotearoa a fairer, more informed and less discriminatory place.

Shine a light on our mental health system
A pūrongo/media project exposing what is working - and not working - in Aotearoa’s mental health system. Your project could uncover the different kinds of awhi/support available, what helps and what doesn’t (including from a te ao Māori or Pasifika perspective) and the role of mental health legislation in the process. This project must prioritise and centre the voices of people who use mental health services.

Shine a light on mental distress and intersectionality 
A pūrongo/media project exploring how living with mental distress alongside other marginalised identities can intersect to create complex life experiences. What does living with mental distress look like if you are also Māori, Pasifika, Asian, part of the rainbow community or have a disability, for example? How do these multiple identities and layers of discrimination, such as racism or ableism, combine to create a different perspective?

Shine a light on myths and false stereotypes
A pūrongo/media project which busts the myths about tāngata mātau ā-wheako/people who live with severe mental distress by challenging common untruths about them. Why do some stereotypes around certain diagnoses such as schizophrenia and bipolar persist, and how can we challenge them? The aim of this project is to dispel these negative notions by showing the real experiences of New Zealanders who live with mental distress, and how incorrect myths around their experiences can hurt and harm them.

All projects must focus on mental distress prejudice and discrimination, centring and empowering the voices of people with mental distress or illness. Applications led by and/or centring the stories of people and/or communities most affected by mental distress discrimination will be prioritised.

Applications for research projects, service delivery or study costs will not be accepted.

Projects focusing on suicide, dementia, neurodiversity or learning disabilities are not covered by these grants.

If you have any questions about these themes, please contact:
Danielle Whitburn
Pūtea Pāpāho/Media Grants Project Lead