MIX - Connecting, Creating, Living

Art and wellbeing programs for people experiencing mental health challenges.
Found in: Community Support Groups / Recovery and Peer Support
Region: Wellington

MIX is a mental health community day service offering programmes in Art and Wellbeing for people (18yrs +). Operating 5 days a week in a number of locations in the Hutt Valley. Every MIX Participant has the opportunity to access either or both programmes to ensure their needs are fully met. We work so that individuals have an understanding of their holistic health, using the Te whare tapa whā at MIX. We work to ensure our programmes embrace our Taha tinana (physical health), Taha wairua (spiritual health), Taha whānau (family health) and Taha hinengaro (mental health).

We exist so that those who experience mental health challenges can:
- Connect to form shared communities. 
- Create opportunities for growth in wellbeing and art.
- Live life through the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

Contact Information

Phone: 04 569 3162

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