Men and Trauma support groups

Men and Trauma run a number of free support groups in Wellington
Found in: Community Support Groups / Recovery and Peer Support
Region: Wellington

Men and Trauma run a number of free support groups including:

Trauma Survivors support group

Mental or Psychological Trauma can be caused by many different events. Our Trauma Survivors Support Group for people who are struggling with the effects of trauma, may be helpful for you.

Men and Relationships support group

Men often struggle to understand their own and their partners behaviour in relationships. This can be during a relationship, while going through breakups or dealing with the permanent loss of a partner. Our Men and Relationships Support Group is for men who are looking for understanding of how to improve their relationship or cope with the end of one.


Parents & Carers support group

This support group is for Parents and Carers of children and young people who may be experiencing depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidal ideation or any other mental health issues.

Men's Abortion support group

We provide a support group to help men dealing with an abortion, before or afterwards. A separate group is being developed for Women. We welcome anyone who needs support.

Men's Sexual Abuse support group

This support group is for men who have experienced sexual abuse, to have a place to talk about their situation in complete privacy.

To get in touch for more information and join a meeting, please see our website.

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