Understanding Trauma, Attachment and using Play Therapy Practices as Interventions with Children - Wgtn - Nov

An introduction to attachment and trauma theory, along with play therapy to help children and youth.
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Chronic stress, childhood adversity and various forms of trauma are often encountered by children, families and communities in our work. Children learn to make sense of their world through a healthy co-regulating relationship with their primary caregiver or a significant adult in their lives. Play is also how children express themselves naturally, connect with themselves, others and their environment.

This interactive workshop focuses on introducing attachment and trauma theory, understanding nervous system regulation and bottom-up processing, along with play therapy to help children and youth cope and work through adverse life experiences.

This workshop also is a great opportunity for participants to be introduced to Play Therapy and will provide an array of practical strategies and tools, along with various directive and non-directive interventions to use with clients of a wide age range. From an experiential lens, this training explores how to understand and apply strategies to support children, youth and families on their path to healing.

Through presentations, videos, experiential practices and discussions, this workshop will cover:
• Trauma and Attachment theory
• Trauma-informed principles of care
• Neuroscience of nervous system regulation
• Adverse Childhood Experiences
• Child-Centered Play Therapy
• Using Directive vs. Non-directive Approaches with Children and Youth
• How Play Therapy can Help with Trauma
• Creative Interventions for Emotional Awareness and Regulation
• Somatic Approaches and Body-based (embodied) exercises.

Please note: This workshop does not certify participants as a Play or Trauma Therapist – the aim of the workshop is to provide practical strategies for a wide range of helping professionals who support children, youth, parents and families.

Learning Objectives:
• To gain an understanding of attachment theory and traumatic childhood adversity in a developmental context.
• To understand the signs, impact and recovery interventions for early trauma.
• An understanding of nervous system regulation, bottom-up processing and trauma informed practical tools
• An introduction to the principles and benefits of play therapy through an experiential approach
• Strategies and skills to promote recovery and resiliency for children and families.
Spaces are limited. Contact us today to make a pencil booking if you are seeking funding approval.

Who Should Attend
This is an introductory to intermediate level workshop suitable for educators, health care and mental health professionals (psychologists & psychiatrists), counsellors, social workers and other professionals wanting to gain increased knowledge and skills in helping children and youth.
Anyone who works with / is supporting families and young people who have experienced trauma.

Earlybird Special - $330.00 inc GST
Standard Price - $355.00 inc GST
The Earlybird special ends 3 weeks prior to the workshop date.

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