Supported Assessments 201 - ACC Sensitive Claims

A more in-depth look into preparing and providing Supported Assessments for ACC Sensitive Claims (PLEASE NOTE: This is not ACC endorsed training - it is a senior clinician's take).
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This one-day online interactive workshop with Diane Clare is a follow-on from Supported Assessments 101 (which is being held online the day prior on the 11th Nov 2021).

Please Note: if you do not have sufficient experience to date you will need to do the 101 version first. If you are experienced and have completed the 101, or you are looking for the discussions around complexity then we invite you to register for this 201 training.

Topics covered include:
Complex diagnostic issues that arise:
• Predisposing environments e.g. violence, war and disaster, emotional and/or physical poverty factors.
• Sexuality, body image issues and eating disordered difficulties.
Some particular client groups:
• Male survivors – gendered perspectives arising.
• Children and adolescents –adaptations to consider.
• Dissociation and memory difficulties – managing these and diagnostic challenges.
• Mental health clients or those in prison who require assessments.
• Delayed expression of symptoms, minimised symptoms, exaggeration (validity issues)
Treatment of complex trauma:
• Treatment of PTSD and best practice.
• What if the provider cannot deliver this?

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