Severe Trauma & Stress Recovery - Online Dec 2021

A Solution Focused Approach to Severe Trauma & Stress Recovery
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This online interactive workshop with John Henden will provide participants with easy-to-learn-and-apply solution focused tools and techniques to enable victims of severe trauma and stress to get their lives back on track.

Initially, importance is placed on affirming and empowering victims of trauma to regain control over symptoms. The six fields of work - triggers, flashbacks, intrusive thoughts, sleep disturbance, ‘the lows’ and living life to the full, are examined in detail to give participants increased understanding and confidence in working with this client group in a specialised solution focused way.

Who Should Attend
Telephone crisis line staff, psychotherapists, mental health nurses, Fire & Rescue staff, Ambulance staff, art therapists, Veterans’ welfare agencies and their welfare staff.

Also, Police, counsellors, psychiatrists, psychologists, military personnel, clinicians, criminal justice professionals, social and youth workers.

About John Henden
John is an author, and his best-selling book ‘Preventing Suicide: The Solution Focused Approach‘, is now into its second edition. His new book 'What It Takes To Thrive: Techniques for Severe Trauma and Stress Recovery' deals with all aspects of severe trauma and stress recovery by offering tools and techniques to manage triggers, flashbacks or intrusive thoughts, helping survivors to regain control of their lives.

One Day ZOOM Workshop
$265.00 inclusive of GST

* John’s book - 'What It Takes To Thrive: Techniques for Severe Trauma and Stress Recovery' is available for purchase. Details are on the website (stocks are limited).

Visit the website for more information and the Learning Outcomes of this training.