Feeling the Pinch - Promoting Selfcare for Professionals and their Clients During Stormy Times

This workshop is aimed at promoting self-care for professionals and their clients during stormy times. It was constructed during level 4 lockdown in Auckland, and is in response to dialogue with many health professionals that are finding things challengin
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Maybe you are coping really well. Your work situation is fantastic. Your client load is manageable. You feel respected and supported by the institution you work in. You are heard, affirmed, and held in your mahi. Energy is high, motivation aplenty, and your fuel tank is full.

Or, maybe you feel overwhelmed. Your workload is horrendous, unethical, unsafe even. You are scared you may make mistakes, and, if so, maybe thrown under the bus. Maybe you are burnt out, bullied, and unsupported. Maybe workplace politics are choking.

Either way, this workshop is for you.