Applying Attachment Theory to Clinical Practice - Akl - 8 Nov

Explore how healthy attachment develops, what happens when insecure attachment forms, and what clients may need to start to flourish again.
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Now more than ever, we are seeing that human connection is vital for our thriving not just as individuals but also as a species.

Recently developments in the field of neuroscience and developmental psychology have confirmed that we are all creatures of attachment. Attachment theory helps us understand that human flourishing happens best when secure attachment is present. However, many of our clients are not thriving and may even seem developmentally stuck, due to unresolved attachment injuries or entrenched relational patterns that keep them from connecting deeply and growing in resilience. Instead of asking what is wrong with our clients, we can ask, what happened to them? This re-framing comes from a trauma-informed, strengths-based perspective.

This training will outline how healthy attachment develops across the lifespan, what happens when insecure attachment forms, and what clients may need to gain ‘earned’ secure attachment to start to flourish again.

Learning Outcomes: What material does this seminar cover?
• An introduction to the latest research on attachment
• A presentation of the Attachment-based Developmental paradigm (Gabor Mate and Gordon Neufeld): how healthy attachment development across the lifespan progresses through 6 stages leading to full maturation (or the term self-actualisation used by Maslow and the humanistic psychologists).
• With more secure attachment, greater potential for human development occurs. The three processes of maturation (adaptation, integration and emergence) are explored through the lens of ‘what happened’ rather than ‘what’s wrong’ with this client, to impact their functioning?

Other key questions which will be addressed include:
• Can our clients be too attached?
• What leads to defensive detachment?
• What is involved in attachment healing?
• How can our clients gain earned secure attachment?
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Who Should Attend
Mental health professionals, educators (teachers, teacher aides, RTLB’s, school counsellors), social workers, counsellors, Justice Dept staff (Corrections, Police). Those supporting both adults and children who are displaying attachment issues, or developmental trauma.

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Standard Price - $355.00 inc GST
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