Sleep Deep

A guided meditation book for children to improve relaxation and getting to sleep
Author: Leanne Lawrence
Book Year: 2015
Publisher: Sleep Deep Ltd, NZ
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Sleep Deep

Sleep Deep is a guided meditation book written by Auckland GP Leanne Lawrence to help children learn how to relax into sleep and develop a regular bedtime routine.

Lawrence sees daily the effects of stress on health in her practice and was encouraged by the emerging evidence behind the benefits of meditation and relaxation for wellbeing. She sees this progressive relaxation technique as a skill for life for children, with its beneficial effects accumulating with regular use. I particularly like the preventive aspect, and that this resource provides parents with an in-road to encourage and advise children on the importance of self-reflection and of looking after their wellbeing and energy levels.

Lawrence’s technique is based on the principle that relaxation aids sleep and reduces stress in the body. The storytelling aspect builds on a child’s confidence through encouraging them to reflect on the positive aspects of their day and ways in which they are supported and loved.

My friend’s young children tried it out and initially they found it engaging and seemed to relax and unwind. However, the kids lost some interest near the end when the images finished - the remainder of the book/video is for listening only.

I think over time if children repeatedly use this technique they will become accustomed to the trailing off of the pictures as a signal that it is time to close their eyes, let go and be lulled into sleep by the soothing voice.

As many children have nonstop energy and often only nod off when completely exhausted, this technique may give them a way to learn to relax not just into sleep, but to pause, reflect and rest their busy bodies and minds.

Lawrence notes the book is intended for young ones aged three to seven, but as my friend and I found firsthand, adults can also benefit and may well nod off themselves.

You can purchase Sleep Deep as a book/CD set from Lawrence’s website or try out the Vimeo for free.

Reviewed by Kim Higginson, Information Officer

Sleep Deep

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