Psychology for a better world: Working with people to save the planet

Psychology guide to the best strategies for saving the planet
Author: Niki Harré
Book Year: 2018
Publisher: Auckland University Press, NZ
ISBN: 9781869408855
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Psychology for a better world: Working with people to save the planet

Author Niki Harré is an associate professor of psychology at the University of Auckland. She is also the author of The Infinite Game: How to Live Well Together and numerous articles on social and environmental activism. Her position as an academic psychologist enables her to provide strategies based on the latest psychological research and theory in order to provide guidance for creating a more sustainable planet. Despite a huge commitment and immense knowledge on how to live more sustainably, I appreciate how the author is still a human who has indulgences!

The author’s authenticity is clear throughout the book as she explores the roles of emotions in encouraging creativity and commitment, the power of modelling and the role of identity. The author continually refers to studies to provide evidence for assertions, providing enough detail of research to enable the reader to draw their own conclusions. I have found myself quoting these interesting research studies to others already. The author also explores morality and this chapter is fascinating, especially when the perspective of a child is provided in several examples. A self-help guide is provided for sustainability advocates and there is also access to a free online manual although I didn’t access this.

I initially wondered whether I could consider myself a sustainability advocate. The author gives permission for this title “as long as you do at least one thing on a regular basis that is consciously aimed at making the world a better place”. With growing awareness of environmental issues, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and do now consider myself a sustainability advocate. I am left inspired, hopeful and motivated to be part of a move towards a more sustainable planet and would recommend this book to anyone wanting to do the same.

Reviewed by Dr Anna Walters, clinical psychologist


Psychology for a better world: Working with people to save the planet

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