Māori Made Easy, Māori Made Easy 2 and Māori at Work

Scotty Morrison's Maori Made Easy series is full of innovative strategies for anyone wanting to learn te reo Maori
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Author: Scotty Morrison
Book Year: 2019
Publisher: Penguin, NZ
ISBN: 9780143570912, 9780143772774, 9780143773344
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Māori Made Easy, Māori Made Easy 2 and Māori at Work

These books provide 30 minute a day activities that are achievable and interactional. They also provide resources and online tools built for everyday busy people wanting to learn to speak Te Reo Māori. As a speaker of Te Reo Māori even I found myself immersed in Mr Morrison’s books, they took me back to my learning days through John Moorfield's Te Whanake series. 

Professor Scotty Morrison and Stacey Morrison are both prominent television and radio presenters who have built impressive careers in the media spanning more than two decades. They have also been heavily involved in significant Te Reo Māori revitalisation initiatives and are known for their clever strategies and innovative teaching techniques for learning Te Reo Māori. These strategies can be seen throughout the books Professor Morrison has written.

As the Mental Health Foundation’s Māori Development Specialist, I will be utilising these books as a tool to further support my fellow colleagues in their Te Reo Māori journeys, as well as my own whānau and friends. In particular, Lesson One that focuses on pronunciation (which most Te Reo learners experience as one of the biggest initial barriers) is incredibly useful, practical and left me feeling fulfilled.

All 3 books provide easy-to-grasp activities that build your confidence and leave you feeling rewarded. Each stage of each book continues to staircase your Te Reo Māori in a manner that creates a wave of satisfaction, all in the privacy of your own space and time. 

I totally see why Professor Morrison has received many accolades as an ambassador of Te Reo Māori.

Reviewed by Thomas Strickland, Kaiwhakarite Māori Development Specialist for the Mental Health Foundation

Māori Made Easy, Māori Made Easy 2 and Māori at Work

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