I love Mondays: A guide to finding joy in your work

Discover the joy of finding meaning and purpose in the work that you do, working for a company that aligns with your values, with people you trust, where you get to use your skills and learn.
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Author: Jess Stuart
Book Year: 2021
Publisher: Jess Stuart
ISBN: 9780995142503
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I love Mondays: A guide to finding joy in your work

I love Mondays explores the possibilty of doing work you love and getting paid for it! The author Jess Stewart, who is also a coach and international speaker, uncovers the secret to finding work you love. Jess writes about how ‘society models a version of career success that revolves round status, titles and salary not passion, purpose and happiness’, and how this can impact our health, wellbeing and happiness.  

In each chapter Jess writes from her heart about her own experiences about taking a leap from a job she didn’t love, and how she found joy in the work she now does. This short book takes you through each step Jess took, and with exercises for you to complete it really helps you to delve deep into thinking about and exploring what it is you love and want in your career.  

This starts with figuring out your own values, purpose, strengths, likes and dislikes, as well as working out where your comfort zone starts and ends. It is a self discovery book that draws examples from everyday people who have also taken the leap to change career or focus on their values, and do the work they really want to be doing.  

Written during the Covid-19 pandemic here in New Zealand, Jess talks about the impact and changes this has had on workplaces and the way in which we now work. It explores the different influences and factors that can make people feel more engaged and happier in their work. 

This book is full of positive strategies and exercises to help you discover your own strengths and values, as well as understand what a good work life balance looks like for you.   

Reviewed by Lucy Boomer, People & Organisational Development Manager, MHF

I love Mondays: A guide to finding joy in your work

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