How to have Creative Ideas: 62 exercises to develop the mind

62 different games and exercises to help encourage creativity and lateral thinking
Author: Edward de Bono
Book Year: 2008
Publisher: Ebury Publishing, UK
ISBN: 9780091910488
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How to have Creative Ideas: 62 exercises to develop the mind

This book is small in size but large in punch - the majority of its contents consisting of word games designed to enhance one’s ability to think creatively.

As author Edward de Bono says: “The emphasis is on the creativity of ‘what can be’ rather than the usual education emphasis on ‘what is’.”

Creativity is strongly linked with achievement - in any sphere of life. De Bono maintains that creativity is a skill that can be learned, and is necessary to learn if we are to achieve success, give our business a competitive edge, or enable us to stand above the crowd in academic and work environments.

The brain training exercises (or games) are designed to help develop mental skill and mental habits which promote possibility rather than certainty in our work and lives. As he states - possibility is the key to creativity.

The word games are meant to be used as physical exercise is - daily, increasing in intensity as one’s strength develops.

The games can be used in teams, in work groups or alone. They are not about intelligence, but about enhancing one’s ability to make connections, see what is possible, instead of being rational, logical or limited.

De Bono entreats his readers to “Have fun. But it is serious fun. Creativity is a very serious skill… you can have fun while you develop this skill.”

Review by Miriam Millson, part of the team at Beth-Shean Trust respite

How to have Creative Ideas: 62 exercises to develop the mind

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