Guide to effective and safe practice in youth mentoring

Updated guide to youth mentoring practice to ensure positive outcomes for young people
Author: NZ Youth Mentoring Network
Book Year: 2016
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Guide to effective and safe practice in youth mentoring

This guide contains the latest research into mentoring practice and provides a useful resource for anyone who is interested in mentoring young people.

The first edition was published in 2008. It pulled together important knowledge and information for the country’s emerging youth mentoring sector.

The second edition has been updated with the latest research and includes the new safety checking and child protection policy guidelines that were introduced as part of the Vulnerable Children’s Act 2014.

The aim is to “provide a guide that seamlessly promotes safe and effective practice in youth mentoring to help ensure positive outcomes for young people”.

Comprehensive and easy to read

The guide is both comprehensive and easy to read. It was a pleasant surprise to find that it blended robust academia with simple language.

I particularly enjoyed how it contextualised contemporary society by addressing historical discourse, especially concerning Māori and Pasifika communities.

I also found the case studies were well placed and illustrated how some of the theories and ideas that were expressed throughout each chapter could look in practice. They also provided a more humanised and personal view of working with young people and their communities.

It’s clear that this work is grounded in client-focused and strengths-based perspectives and quietly emphasises that it’s the responsibility of any mentor to become aware of themselves to ensure they are not practising control or oppression of young people.

The foreword is written by Minister for Youth, Nikki Kaye. In it she says that adolescence is a time of significant change for youth, which can be compounded by a complex and rapidly changing environment.

“The benefits young people receive from good quality mentoring relationships and positive role-modelling are not only supportive in a time of uncertainty; but for some youth can have a life-changing impact.”

I highly recommend this guide to anyone who currently works, or plans to work, with young people.

Reviewed by Jono Selu, Information Resources Specialist at the Mental Health Foundation


Guide to effective and safe practice in youth mentoring

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