Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day

This children's story encourages readers to keep their heads up in the real world so as not to miss out on experiencing real life passions that bring joy their everyday.
Author: Miller, Nicole
Book Year: 2023
Publisher: Little Love, an imprint of Mary Egan Publishing
ISBN: 9781738596911
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Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day

As I read this story to my class of Year 3s I could hear the little murmurs about the pictures, the excitement as they picked up on some rhyme and could see the pattern forming, thinking about what might happen next. This story was enjoyable to listen to - and as an adult to read - which as a teacher is the most important thing. I was really impressed at the level of understanding that came from just one readthrough. I asked my class to do a ‘turn and talk’ to the person next to them about the story and what the message might be. The first comment summed it up beautifully - “It made me think you shouldn’t just stare at a phone because you might not notice anything happening around you”. There were also lots of personal connection stories about older cousins and other family members doing similar things when they could have been joining in with the fun activities. There was an argument that phones might be needed to get some family photos but EVERYONE agreed that either do that and then put the phone away or take a camera to capture those moments. 

The way the story was written gave such a great build-up about all the things that could possibly happen and we really enjoyed the idea of the ‘surfboard’ having all the adventure and not being able to say anything to Daisy. As my seven-year-olds have said “You miss all of the fun, so be adventurous and put the phone down”.  

If these children can figure it out then surely anyone can see that technology isn’t necessary all of the time.  

Review by Rachel Walker, Primary School Teacher and Room 10 Beach Haven Primary   

Daisy McCray and the Wave of the Day

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