All of this is for you: A little book of kindness

A beautiful, thoughtful gift book for any person needing a little inspiration
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Author: Ruby Jones
Book Year: 2019
Publisher: Penguin, NZ
ISBN: 9780143774211
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All of this is for you: A little book of kindness

Life can be overwhelming, things can get tough and we can be so hard on ourselves. Through beautifully crafted drawings and simple little messages, Ruby Jones’ All of This is for You reminds us that we’re not going through life alone. Expressing how we feel can be really hard sometimes, sometimes we don’t even know how we feel, sometimes we aren’t sad but we’re just not good – this little book was my saving grace when I was in a funk and couldn’t quite figure out what was wrong. I would often find myself picking it up to flick through it as the messages are genuine, heartfelt and relatable. 

No matter what stage in life you are at – I guarantee when you open this book you will find at least one page that you can relate to. There are pages that remind us to be kinder to ourselves, to be kinder to those who matter to us, to be kinder to the world we live in – and then there are pages with no words, just drawings to be interpreted in whatever way you see them. Certain pages felt like the author had taken extracts out of my mind and drawn out personalised advice for me, allowing me to recognise and tune in with my emotions. Everyone should have a copy of this little book of kindness. 

Reviewed by Samantha Page, Executive Administrator, MHF

All of this is for you: A little book of kindness

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