30 days 30 ways to overcome anxiety

A practical workbook to help people manage their anxiety, with simple daily strategies for work and for home
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Author: Bev Aisbett
Book Year: 2018
Publisher: Harper Collins, AUS
ISBN: 9781460754658
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30 days 30 ways to overcome anxiety

The book is based on 25 years of tried and tested methods of dealing with anxiety - first the author’s own experiences and credentials, then those of her clients and workshop participants. I have learned many new techniques from this book and will buy myself a copy to keep as a handy reference. An example of a technique is to set up a log to keep track of the relationship between your thoughts and when you feel anxious. This technique really helped me see when I am responding in a habitual way that might be unhelpful, and similarly to spot positive responses that build my resilience.

The chapters are split into 30 days’ worth of exercises that focus on a single theme for each day. Each chapter is easy to read and understand with a few illustrated animations. It begins by explaining that day’s theme, followed by tasks to complete and daily mantras to help you further understand the topic and practise the exercise. For example, day three’s theme is working with resistance, the task involves practicing soothing techniques, and the mantra “So be it” is a reminder to let my shoulders drop and relax.   

The book gives practical advice in bite-size chunks and can be used in different ways. For example, you can stick with one chapter a day or read a few chapters at a time. It is a great book to just dip in and out of as and when you need it. I believe it would be accessible to most people due to its simple, approachable format.

There is a web page mentioned for workshop and lecture information and reviews of her other titles. I think anyone who lives with anxiety would benefit from this book – I’ll certainly be recommending it!

Reviewed by Jenny Baker

30 days 30 ways to overcome anxiety

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