Election letter-writing template

How to write to MPs ahead of the election
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Do you want to make mental health change this election? One way you can is by writing a letter (sent via email or post) to:

  • your local Member of Parliament (MP) 
  • a political candidate in your electorate (local area), and/or  
  • the mental health spokesperson for a political party

and asking them to address mental health topics you care about in their party’s mental health policy. 

What is a ‘mental health policy’?

A ‘mental health policy' describes a political party’s position on mental health, and what they plan to do to support Aotearoa’s mental health if they are elected. Parties often release their mental health policies ahead of an election, to help win their party more votes.

Don’t know what your electorate is? You can find yours here. 

Not sure which MP to write to? A list of all current MPs is here. 


MPs are there to represent your interests, and the interests of other people in your area. They have a duty to pay attention to the issues people in their electorate are passionate about and affected by.  

Writing personal letters to MPs can be a powerful tool to draw their attention to an issue, and can persuade them and their party to act on it. 

Our template

To help you write letters to MPs (sent via email or post), we’ve created a free letter-writing template you can use (see below).

Our letter-writing template is designed to help you write persuasively about a specific mental health issue or action, and how taking that action can make a difference. Our template includes an example of an action you could ask an MP to include in their party’s mental health policy. You don’t have to use this example – it’s important that you write about what mental health issues matter to you, and what you would like MPs to do about them.  

Our template has space for up to three actions or issues. You can write about as many or as few actions or issues as you’d like - but keep in mind that the smaller the number of actions, the more likely those actions will be to grab and hold an MP's attention and compel them to make change.

If you can, we recommend you both print out your letter and post it to the MP it is addressed to (as well as emailing it), so it receives the most attention possible. It’s free to post letters to MPs at their official address here.

Already drafted your own letter?

Keep it – MPs love to receive letters that look and feel personal. The more individualised your letter is, the more likely MPs will be to give it their attention. Bonus points for a physical letter that’s hand-written and posted – with hand-written words, or your hand-written signature!

Need some more support and guidance?

Click on the links below to:

- read our statement (to see some mental health policy examples you could ask for in your letter), or

- visit our 'Make change' section, to see more ways you can advocate for better mental health policy this election, and beyond. 

Authorised by Shaun Robinson, Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand, Eden 3, Ground Floor, 16 Normanby Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024.