We're awesome, Auckland

Auckland – it’s a hard time, isn’t it? This lockdown has been going on and on, and that hasn’t been easy. Uncertain, chaotic, stressful – these are just some of the words we’ve heard you use to describe this time.
We're awesome, Auckland

Covid-19 has brought new challenges, but, no matter what’s happening with level changes, one thing has stayed the same – we’re awesome, Tāmaki Makaurau.

Lockdowns have a sneaky way of making every day feel the same, of tricking us into thinking that nothing we’re doing is making a difference, of making us feel a bit less connected to our neighbours and communities, a bit less trusting of each other and a lot less hopeful for the future.

But, every day, the awesomeness of Aucklanders is reminding us that this beautiful city is still working together to take care of our people, that Aucklanders are doing amazing things to care for themselves and each other through this lockdown.

We’re awesome, Tāmaki Makaurau is here to help acknowledge the little things that are making a big difference, give you tips to bring a bit of awesomeness into your life, and help connect you to support if you need it.

We know you’re still juggling work from home with entertaining the kids from the couch, and we want you to know we see the effort you’re making, and it’s making a huge difference.

We’re not back to normal just yet, but by catching up with Nan, sending a text to a mate who might be feeling alone, or calling a loved one, we’re showing we care.

And, the things we're doing to help each other, like dropping kai off to Pāpā or buying from your local? Those things really help.

It may not be business as usual, but by juggling zoom meetings and keeping a safe distance on the worksite, the mahi you’re putting in now is keeping us all safe, and we appreciate you.

Basically, we think you’re awesome. Ka mau te wehi, Tāmaki Makaurau

Tips for being awesome to yourself and others

Aucklanders have had it pretty tough recently. With all the uncertainty and instability, it can be hard to find those little sparks of light in our day to day lives. But they’re there, we promise! This section is all about acknowledging the resilience and awesomeness of Aucklanders and interrupting the negativity we’re seeing too much of on the news with something a little more positive. There are people out there doing incredible things, both big and small, to help themselves and others get through, and we want to celebrate that!

Support for workplaces

Whether you’re a workplace that’s providing an essential service, having to navigate working from home, had to shift your business online, close down completely, or something in between, Tāmaki Makaurau workplaces, we think you’re awesome.

There’s so much for workplaces and business owners to think about right now and having to care not just for your own wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of your employees too can feel overwhelming. We’ve pulled together some resources that support workplace leaders to create work environments where people feel safe, calm, connected and hopeful throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

Not okay?

Right now, we’re living in a strange and unpredictable Aotearoa. Managing change and uncertainty can trigger new and old distressing thoughts or manawa pā and trauma, and remind us of situations where we’ve felt trapped, helpless or afraid. 

We have information for people who are managing mixed emotions right now – including feeling anxious, afraid or coping with obsessions/compulsions