How a busy mum of three finds ‘me time’ during lockdown

Romana shares how she finds a moment for herself, while working full-time and taking care of her three young children.
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How a busy mum of three finds ‘me time’ during lockdown

If you’re in lockdown with other people it might feel hard to get any time to yourself, especially if you're a parent. Taking time out to recharge is so important – when you take good care of yourself, you have more energy to care for the people you love. 

Romana Fetu, a mother of three young children, works full-time and in her spare time she manages a trust delivering food parcels to those in need. Balancing her work, helping her kids with their online learning, and ensuring the household is running smoothly while her husband goes out to work as an essential worker can make it difficult for Romana to find time for herself. 

She finds that the best time of day to have some me time is in the evening, after her kids are in bed.

"Sitting down after the kids are asleep, I like to watch a couple of episodes of something on Netflix." 

Romana also likes to spend her me time having a kōrero with a friend.  

"I've started to do Zoom catch-ups with the girls, to check in and get a break from hearing my own voice. Even if we can't meet face to face, to be able to talk to other mothers who are in the same boat can help". 

Although it can be difficult to prioritise time for herself during lockdown, Romana notices a positive difference in how she feels when she gets even a few minutes of me time.  

"I love it. Any me time I can get feels really good. I don't worry about anything else, and just focus on that time."  

Romana's message to others who are living in busy households during lockdown is to set aside some time for themselves, even if they can only spare a few minutes.  

"I would recommend taking the time to do it. Even if it is getting outside for a walk on your own, for twenty minutes or half an hour. It does do wonders."  

Acknowledging the importance of me time, Romana is considering how she can get some more time to herself each day. She says maintaining routines during lockdown can be challenging, but would like to be able to include more me time in her regular routine.  

"If I made it a priority, me time would be on the top of the list. It is really important." 

How a busy mum of three finds ‘me time’ during lockdown