Photo library for media professionals

Free images to accompany news stories related to mental health.

Oftentimes, news articles about people experiencing mental distress are accompanied by hopeless, dark, and isolated-looking imagery. This imagery can reinforce negative stereotypes about mental distress and make people less likely to seek support when they most need it.

As part of the Nōku Te Ao programme, we have curated a library of images that media professionals can use for free. It’s our hope that discriminatory imagery can now be replaced with more hopeful, mana-enhancing and realistic images of those experiencing mental distress.

Media professionals are welcome to download and add the full photo suite to their own image libraries.

When using an image, please ensure you credit Nōku te Ao.

If you have any questions or would like advice on best-practice imagery for a specific mental health-related story, you can reach out to Mark at


Click on the file version below to download.