Time to play The Wellbeing Game

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Date: 6 October 2015
Time to play The Wellbeing Game

5 Oct, 2015


5 October 2015

Fans of The Wellbeing Game rejoice – not only has the popular online game had a make-over, it’s all up and running for Mental Health Awareness Week, which starts today and runs until 11 October.

The Mental Health Foundation-run game is a web-based activity anybody can play solo, or as part of a team, with the goal of accumulating happiness, one hour at a time.

Activities are based on the Five Ways to Wellbeing – Give, Take Notice, Keep Learning, Be Active and Connect – which are proven to improve people’s mental wellbeing. Activities can be something as simple as enjoying a walk in the fresh air, or catching up with a friend over a cup of tea.

Playing The Wellbeing Game is a great way to introduce the Five Ways to Wellbeing into your life. Once registered on site, you can log your wellbeing activities, earn badges and compete for bragging-rights on the leaderboard.

We know one aficionado who will be thrilled with the relaunch, Feilding’s Alaina Gronn, who has used The Wellbeing Game to get through some hard times and come out the other side feeling happier and calmer.

“I loved it!” she told the Mental Health Foundation’s MindNet earlier this year. “The daily commitment to The Wellbeing Game gave me a focus for the day. I had to think about what I’d done and what I was going to do.”

The Wellbeing Game has a brand new look with easier to use features and continues to be free to use for individuals. We will continue to ask for donations from the public to keep the game and site maintained, fresh, relevant and available at no cost.

For our registered business and organisation users we offer more in-depth options based on The Wellbeing Game that include staff wellbeing game assessments, workshops and programme development, giving managers and HR professionals practical steps to enhance their workplace health and human capital. 

Go to www.thewellbeinggame.org.nz sign up now and START PLAYING!

For further information, please contact:

Katherine Ryan Senior Communications Officer Mental Health Foundation 09 623 4810 ext 816 022 059 6315katherine.ryan@mentalhealth.org.nz