New strategic approach for MHF

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Date: 12 May 2016
New strategic approach for MHF

12 Apr, 2016

The Mental Health Foundation has published its strategic approach, which will guide its work from 2016-2020.

Although social circumstances have considerably improved for many people, increasing numbers of New Zealanders are being diagnosed with mental health problems.

With more stressors and strains on mental health than ever before, the MHF will initiate activities and dialogue at a national level to ensure that we can create a society where all people flourish.

Guided and informed by the principles of Te Pae Mahutonga, the MHF will:

Refine and establish a national measurement for change in wellbeing

Advocate for a greater focus on wellbeing for all, and active engage with New Zealanders

Create active partnerships

Maintain a prominent public voice and authoritative commentary on mental health, advocating for change, supporting those with valid concerns and limited voice

Influence government to be more proactive in supporting mental wellbeing and preventing mental health problems

Generate income from as wide as possible a range of sources.