Supported Assessments 101 - A senior clinician's take on preparing Assessments

An interactive online workshop on preparing and providing Supported Assessments for ACC Sensitive Claims.
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This online workshop is to assist those quite new to completing Supported Assessments, as well as being a refresher for those more experienced.
(PLEASE NOTE: This is not ACC endorsed training - it is a senior clinician's take).

This interactive webinar workshop is offered by Diane Clare who is an experienced clinical psychologist who has been an ACC provider since the 1990s and who has been providing Supported Assessments for the past few years since the start of the Sensitive Claims service. Diane will discuss what works and what can hinder you in your practice for delivering these assessments. She will also address your questions and comments.

Topics covered:
• What/why/who: What is an ACC Supported Assessment, why are they needed, and who delivers them?
• ABCD: Preparing and things to check before you begin: Approvals, Booking in, Core information, documents you will need.
• The 4Rs in Mapping the journey - rapport, roles, risks, requirements.
• The 3 Fs to the Finish line: Follow up session, formulation and feedback.
• Handling hiccups e.g. delay of medical notes, remote working, accuracy checking.
• Conclusions and issues arising.

This workshop cannot guarantee ACC approval of you to become an assessor, but it does offer guidance in how to tackle the task once you are an approved assessor.

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